Past Seminars

You can find recordings from past seminars in here

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Guest Speaker Affiliation Talk Title Date
Haikang Deng UT Austin Reward-Augmented Decoding: Efficient Controlled Text Generation With a Unidirectional Reward Model 18 Dec
Prasann Singhal UT Austin A Long Way to Go: Investigating Length Correlations in RLHF 13 Nov
Mara Finkelstein and Markus Freitag Google Research MBR and QE Finetuning: Training-time Distillation of the Best and Most Expensive Decoding Methods 6 Nov
João Sacramento ETH Zurich Uncovering mesa-optimization algorithms in Transformers 30 Oct
Elena Voita Meta AI Neurons in Large Language Models 23 Oct
Tri Dao Stanford and Together.AI FlashAttention: Fast and Memory-Efficient Exact Attention with IO-Awareness 9 Oct
Jason Wei OpenAI Scaling, emergence, and reasoning in large language models 18 Sep
Yihong Chen UCL-NLP Group Improving Language Plasticity via Pretraining with Active Forgetting 11 Sep
Shayne Longpre MIT Media Lab The Flan Collection: Designing Data and Methods for Effective Instruction Tuning 07 Aug
Niklas Muennighoff HuggingFace Scaling Data-Constrained Language Models 31 Jul
Javier Ferrando Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Explaining How Transformers Use Context to Build Predictions 26 June
Roberto Dessì FAIR Paris and UPF Cross-Domain Image Captioning with Discriminative Finetuning 5 June
Marzena Karpinska University of Massachusetts Amherst Large language models effectively leverage document-level context for literary translation, but critical errors persist 15 May
Alireza Mohammadshahi EPFL Compression and Distillation of Massive Multilingual NMT Models 8 May
Tom Kocmi and Christian Federmann Microsoft Research Large Language Models Are State-of-the-Art Evaluators of Translation Quality 17 April
Lorenz Kuhn University of Oxford Semantic Uncertainty: Linguistic Invariances for Uncertainty Estimation in Natural Language Generation 10 April
Alexis Ross Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- MIT CSAIL TBA 03 April
Wenda Xu University of California, Santa Barbara SEScore2: Retrieval Augmented Pretraining for Text Generation 20 Mar
Biao Zhang University of Edinburgh Prompting Large Language Model for Machine Translation: A Case Study 13 Mar
Weijia Xu University of Maryland Understanding and Detecting Hallucinations in Neural Machine Translation via Model Introspection 6 Mar
Vilém Zouhar ETH Zurich Poor Man's Quality Estimation: Predicting Reference-based MT Metrics Without the Reference 27 Feb
Matthew Finlayson Allen Institute for AI Comprehensively evaluating LMs as general-purpose math reasoners 20 Feb
Sweta Agrawal University of Maryland Generating and Evaluating Machine Translation in Context 13 Feb
Nikita Moghe University of Edinburgh Extrinsic Evaluation of Machine Translation Metrics 6 Feb
Catarina Botelho Instituto Superior Técnico & INESC-ID (HLT) Speech as Biomarker for Disease Screening 30 Jan
Misha Khalman Google Brain Calibrating Sequence likelihood Improves Conditional Language Generation 23 Jan
Mateusz Krubinski Charles University, Czech Republic Can Summary Evaluation Benefit from Translation Evaluation? 16 Jan
Javier Ferrando Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Towards opening the black box of neural machine translation: Source and target interpretations of the transformer 9 Jan
Pasquale Minervini University of Edinburgh Implicit MLE: Backpropagating Through Discrete Exponential Family Distributions 19 Dec
Giorgios Vernikos EPFL Embarrassingly Easy Document-Level MT Metrics 28 Nov
Sara Magliacane University of Amsterdam On Causal Representation Learning 14 Nov
Graham Neubig Carnegie Mellon University Neuro-Symbolic Language Modeling with Retrieval Automaton 7 Nov
Carolina Scarton University of Sheffield One size does not fit all: building NLP models for real-world applications 24 October
Alex Warstadt ETH Zürich Artificial neural networks as models of human language learning 17 October
Ivan Vulić University of Cambridge & PolyAI Towards Language Technology for a Truly Multilingual World? 10 October
Pierre Colombo Université Paris Saclay What are the best systems? New perspectives on NLP Benchmarking 3 October
Ilia Kulikov New York University Characterizing and addressing the issue of oversmoothing in neural autoregressive sequence modeling 26 September
Niranjan Balasubramanian Stony Brook University What ails multihop QA and how to fix it 19 September
Weijia Shi University of Washingto Nearest Neighbor Zero-Shot Inference 25 July
Vikas Raunak and Matt Post Microsoft SALTED: A Framework for SAlient Long-Tail Translation Error Detection 18 July
Jungo Kasai University of Washington Twist Decoding: Diverse Generators Guide Each Other 27 June
Jonas Pfeiffer New York University / Technical University of Darmstadt Lifting the Curse of Multilinguality by Pre-training Modular Transformers 20 June
Edward Hu Mila Tuning Large Neural Networks via Zero-Shot Hyperparameter Transfer 30 May
Andrey Malinin Yandex Research Uncertainty Estimation in Autoregressive Structured Prediction 16 May
Jannis Vamvas University of Zurich As Little as Possible, as Much as Necessary: Detecting Over- and Undertranslations with Contrastive Conditioning 2 May
Vânia Mendonça Instituto Superior Técnico - University of Lisbon Onception: Active Learning with Expert Advice for Real World Machine Translation 18 Apr
Ana Marasovic Allen Institute for AI, University of Washington Self-Explaining for Intuitive Interaction with AI 11 Apr
Anirudh Goyal Mila, University of Montreal Coordination Among Neural Modules Through a Shared Global Work space 4 Apr
João Sacramento ETH Zurich On biologically-plausible meta-learning 28 Mar
Clara Meister ETH Zurich Typical Decoding for Natural Language Generation 14 Mar
Chantal Amrhein University of Zurich Identifying Weaknesses in Machine Translation Metrics Through Minimum Bayes Risk Decoding: A Case Study for COMET 7 Mar
Markus Freitag Google Research Minimum Bayes Risk Decoding with Neural Metrics of Translation Quality 28 Feb
Tom Kocmi Microsoft Research To ship or not to ship? 21 Feb
Caleb Ziems Georgia Tech Social NLP for Positive and Civil Interactions 14 Feb
Rémi Leblond DeepMind Machine Translation Decoding beyond Beam Search 07 Feb
Elizabeth Salesky Johns Hopkins University Robust Open-Vocabulary Translation from Visual Text Representations 31 Jan
Samuel Bowman New York University When Combating Hype, Proceed with Caution 24 Jan
Victor Veitch University of Chicago and Google Research Counterfactual Invariance to Spurious Correlations 17 Jan
Leonardo Ribeiro TU Darmstadt Improving Graph-to-Text Generation with Graph Neural Encoders and Pretrained Language Models 10 Jan
Victor Sanh HuggingFace Lots of data, lots of parameters: a different way to get funky task zero-shot generalization 20 Dec
Laurent Besacier Naver Labs Europe Self Supervised Representation Learning for Pre-training Speech Systems ​​​(and Its Application to Speech Translation) 13 Dec
Albert Gu Stanford University Efficiently Modeling Long Sequences with Structured State Spaces 29 Nov
Edoardo Ponti Mila - Quebec Inductive Biases for Modelling the World's Languages 6 Dec
Wilker Aziz University of Amsterdam Sampling-based minimum Bayes risk decoding for NMT 22 Nov
Junxian He & Chunting Zhou Carnegie Mellon University Towards a Unified View of Parameter-Efficient Transfer Learning 25 Oct
Rico Sennrich University of Zurich Hallucinations and Minimum Bayes Risk Decoding in Neural Machine Translation 18 Oct
Masha Itkina Stanford University Evidential Sparsification of Multimodal Latent Spaces in Conditional Variational Autoencoders 11 Oct
Sabrina Mielke John Hopkins University Fair Comparisons and Fundamental Ideas for Open-Vocabulary Generative Language and Translation Models 27 Sep
Clara Meister ETH Zurich Language Model Evaluation Beyond Perplexity 20 Sep
Samuel Kiegeland Heidelberg University Revisiting the Weaknesses of Reinforcement Learning for Neural Machine Translation 13 Sep
Danish Pruthi Carnegie Mellon University Topics on Explainability and Evaluation of Explanations 06 Sep